MERCHANT’S DAUGHTER is a small New York cider producer that sources heirloom apples from family-owned Hudson Valley orchards. They apply a winemaker’s approach to create award-winning blends that have a subtle balance, are immensely drinkable, and pair stunningly well with food. The brand is rooted in an historic neighborhood general store that was passed down from generation to generation via the daughters. These hard-working women inspire Merchant’s Daughter today as they honor their legacy and create ciders to share with locavores and health-conscious consumers.

Fueled by an innovative, entrepreneurial, and collaborative spirit, Merchant’s Daughter works closely with dedicated farmers to select the perfect apples for their small batch ciders. They choose New York’s Hudson Valley apples to make their premium ciders, using varietals such as Northern Spy, Winesap, Idared, Liberty, Jonagold, Arkansas Black, Crimson Crisp, Opalescent, and Honeycrisp.

Merchant’s Daughter cider is available in three varieties – Dry, Semi Dry, and Clara’s Reserve – across multiple package formats (750ml, 12oz. bottles, and sixtel kegs). These premium ciders have a taste profile that is sophisticated and apple-forward, with a bright, clean finish, often compared to prosecco and champagne.

Dry has subtle, wine-like hints of citrus and spice. Semi Dry is full of rich, fresh apple flavors that soften into a chorus of citrus and stone fruits, with a lingering sweetness followed by a crisp, dry finish. Clara’s Reserve has stately apple flavors with a swirl of ginger, almond, and citrus aromas. The finish is creamy and sweet with lingering hints of spice.

At the very core of Merchant’s Daughter is the idea of sharing a delicious meal, great conversation, and laughter with friends and family.

The Essentials




8 Main Street
Purdys, NY 10578



5,000 gallons


Christine Sisler, Dan O’Brien, Amy Wirtanen

Cider Maker

Dan O’Brien

Farmer’s Markets

Pleasantville, Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow (TaSH)
TasteNY Todd Hill

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