THE DUO BEHIND Abandoned Hard Cider forages apples from wild and abandoned orchards across the Hudson Valley for use in their blends. They craft refreshing dry ciders using a rich and exciting variety of apples as the foundation.

Working with landowners across five counties, the Germantown, NY–based cidery seeks out old homestead groves, feral orchards, forgotten commercial operations, and people’s back yards to attain the most interesting range of flavors. When they find particularly exciting apple varieties, co-founder Martin harvests tree cuttings to graft into their own orchard, thus preserving rare and unique apples. Abandoned also sources cultivated fruit from family farms in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Abandoned’s ciders are fermented to full dryness and have low to no residual sugar. The ciders are never made using concentrates or artificial flavors. Abandoned offers both traditional and modern style ciders. Their traditional dry cider lineup is centered around apple variety and includes Classic, Forager’s Reserve, and the Single Varietal Series. Their modern lineup of dry ciders includes Barrel-Aged, Hopped, and Vacation, the latter of which is made with Passionfruit and Guava.

With tasting rooms in Woodstock and Red Hook, and one more opening up this summer in Kingston, Abandoned invites cider geeks as well as the recently initiated to taste through their flights and enjoy the wild and complex flavors on tap, in bottle, and in cans.

Fan favorites include Upstate Sidra, Golden Russet SV, Gold Rush SV, and Single Wild Tree ciders.

The Essentials




Woodstock Outpost
1802 NY-28
Woodstock, NY 12498

The Outpost @ Greig Farm
229 Pitcher Lane
Red Hook, NY 12571




Martin Bernstein and Eric Childs

Cider Maker

Eric Childs

Farmer’s Markets

Kingston, Woodstock, Tarytown,
Hastings, Bronxville, Ridge Hill

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