Hudson Valley Applejack

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APPLE BRANDY, commonly known as “Applejack,” is once again making a name for itself as a popular American drink. Here in the Hudson Valley, where it boasts a rich and generations-long tradition, this natural and potent by-product of orchard fruit…

Cocktail Corner

Food and Drink

Artisanal hard cider is refreshing straight up, but it also shines in these classic cocktails blended with local craft spirits. Hudson Dark and Stormy 1 ounce Taconic Rum 4 ounces Nine Pin Ginger cider Fill a tall glass with ice….

Apples to Apples


Hard cider in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region runs the gamut from pleasantly fruit-forward to tongue curling bone dry, or those with a bit of interesting funk. There is something for every taste, yet the finished product depends on…