LINDNER’S CIDER IS LOCATED on NY-26 in Hamden, NY, at a historic cider mill along the West Branch of the Delaware River. Ciders are pressed in their barn on a pre-prohibition, Adirondack-made apple press. If Hamden is the “Heart of Delaware County,” Lindner’s likes to think that wild apples are the soul. Tens of thousands of century-old apple trees are spread throughout the county and more are constantly being discovered. Some are self-seeded, some line the roadside, and even more grow in orchards on private and public land. Lindner’s incredibly rich, deep, and provocative ciders can be credited to the unique apples that grow in Delaware County. Their mission is to bring these great apples into commercial cider production, adding to the American Heritage Cider Apple rolodex.

Cider maker Bryan Lindner loves getting creative with ferments: long macerations, co-ferments, and natural fermentation techniques are used to make their small batch specialty ciders. Bryan also loves the challenge of utilizing the abundance of dessert and culinary apples available, using techniques from pre-prohibition America to add depth, richness of flavor, and nuance. Lindner’s core canned ciders are mostly made from this fruit, and are all sugar-free, accessible, and easy to drink.

Each year Lindner’s produces more cider-apple specific ciders. Their wild-foraged ciders which age in neutral barrels continue to grow in volume each year, as more people in the community get involved and invite them on to their land to tend to the old trees on their property. This is the most exciting part about cider making for Lindner’s; creating and enriching a community-driven approach.

Everyone is encouraged to visit the tasting room and peek into the barn to chat with the founder about all things cider and share their love of the beverage.

The Essentials




7968 County Rd 26
Hamden, NY 13782



4,500 cases


Bryan Lindner

Cider Maker

Bryan Lindner

Farmer’s Markets

Delhi, Hobart

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