LOCATED ON A 200-ACRE APPLE FARM in Columbia County, Harvest Spirits benefits by having fresh ingredients (apples) grown and pressed year-round on location. Their third-generation farm, Golden Harvest Farms, benefits by having a new market for cider apples and increased traffic to their retail farm store. The symbiotic relationship allows them to make fresh spirits from fresh fruit all year long. They also buy extra fruit from local farms which promotes strong ties between local agriculture and craft distilling.

The retail farm market and distillery tasting room are open daily. Harvest Spirits offer tastingsD&A and bottle sales of locally-made hard cider in addition to their full selection of award-winning spirits. They distill right in the tasting room, so you can learn how they make their spirits while you enjoy a taste.

The small distillery is a very modern work of art. Though they distill only 100 gallons at a time, they can create virtually any kind of spirit, from vodka to whiskey, brandy and gin. Their state-of-the art equipment, manufactured in Germany by the world’s oldest distillery fabricator, allows them to consistently produce spirits of the highest quality.

Core Vodka (40% abv) is their original and most popular product—meticulously hand-crafted in small batches using nothing but apples and filtered water. It is distilled three times from hard cider, non-charcoal filtered, and gluten free. With aromas of McIntosh skin and creme brulee and a smooth finish, Core Vodka is distinctive and delicious. Each bottle is made from 50 lbs. of fresh apples.

Cornelius Applejack is New York’s first applejack since anyone can remember. Applejack is an apple brandy that historically was made by freezing hard cider.  Nowadays, applejack is an aged apple brandy that is distilled, not frozen. Named after the guy who’s made their cider for a generation, Cornelius Applejack is double distilled from hard cider and aged in ex-bourbon barrels, giving it an amber color and whiskey-like flavor.

HarvestSpirits_02_distilleryThe Peach (30% abv) and Cherry Applejack (35% abv) are made by soaking fresh fruit in two-year-old applejack – with no sugar added – and macerated for six months with minimal filtration. Peach Applejack mixes well with champagne and hard cider. Cherry Applejack is excellent in Manhattans or on its own.

Their newest product, John Henry Single Malt Whiskey, is named after their eponymous farm manager, John Henry. It is double distilled from 2-row malted barley, aged for two years in new and re-fill applejack barrels. A smooth and balanced whiskey, it boasts flavors of dried fruit and sourdough with a long satisfying finish of chocolate malt and distant campfire. Visit for a tour and taste.

The Essentials




3074 Route 9
Valatie, NY 12184






Daily: 10am–5pm


New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Tasting Fee

$1.00 each


Weekends 12–5pm, free

Farm Acreage



Derek Grout and Ashley Hartka


Peter Upstill


Derek Grout

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