black and white photo of bar during Prohibition

100 Years Ago When Cider Ruled the Nation

History, Production

AT ONE MINUTE AFTER MIDNIGHT on July 1, 1919, the dream of “dry” reformers became a reality when the Wartime Prohibition Act went into effect. Passed to conserve America’s food, grain, and fuel during World War I, the new law…

Orchards in Evolution

Agriculture, History

THE HUDSON VALLEY HAS LONG been held as one of the premier growing regions in the United States. Early Colonial farmers were self-sufficient and produced enough food to support their local communities, but the real boon came when the expanding…

Is Your Cider Dry or Sweet?

Producers, Production

Tannins are polyphenols found in apples (and red wine grapes, tea leaves, and other fruits and vegetables). Thanks to decades of research, especially in the wine world, we have a good understanding of how tannins interact with sugar and acid…